Here’s how much a speeding fine will really cost you

Here’s how much a speeding fine will really cost you
Here’s how much a speeding fine will really cost you

Whether it’s an accident or deliberate decision, more than two million drivers a year are caught speeding, according to British police forces.

We all know that there are immediate financial consequences, with fines ranging from £100 to £2,500 depending on the severity of the offence. There are also the inevitable penalty points.

Beyond that, though, a speeding fine can have long-term implications for how much it costs to run a car, with insurers taking a dim view of law-breaking.

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New research has now shown that the average cost of a speeding conviction is an extra £50 a year on your premium.

If the offence is committed on a motorway the impact is doubled, with an average premium hike of £101.

For the average UK motorist that means their insurance will rise from £693 per year to £794.

For non-motorway offences, the average rise is a less painful £36.

The data was obtained by Consumer Intelligence, which analysed 36,000 insurance quotes to reach its figures.

speeding fine
Around 2 million drivers a year are caught speeding

John Blevins, Consumer Intelligence pricing expert said: “Our analysis shows that the cost of speeding is not just the fine but the higher insurance bill.

“At more than £100 a year for being caught exceeding the limit on a motorway…it is substantial considering insurers ask about any convictions in the past five years.

“Insurers understandably take the view that drivers who break the speed limit are potentially a greater risk and as a consequence put up the cost of motor insurance. Premiums may be heading down again after years of increases but drivers who break the law will not benefit from any price reductions.”

As with all things insurance-related age plays a factor in how badly costs go up. According to the data, the over-50s are worst hit, with premiums going up by an average of £58, although the difference between motorway and non-motorway convictions is particularly large – £166 and £14 respectively.

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