Special Sikh guests at Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy

Children at Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy have been introduced to special guests as part of lessons to develop pupils’ knowledge of British people with different traditions.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 9:15 am
Roop Singh is pictured with Braeburn Year 2 pupils.

British Sikhs from Leeds, Roop and Jas Singh, who are father and son, are proud of their faith and were pleased to share important aspects of their religion and daily lives with a young and inquisitive audience.

RE Coordinator at Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy, Janet Shipley, said: “It was great to observe our Early Years three- to five-year-olds listen to Roop’s amusing anecdotes with full attention and ask some interesting questions.

“Our Year 5 and 6 pupils had the opportunity to handle Sikh artefacts and find out more about the Sikh way of life including wearing a turban.”

A group of older Year 2 pupils were involved in planting a horse chestnut seedling donated by Roop and his granddaughter.

Tim Jolly, headteacher at the Eastfield school, said: “We embrace diversity and celebrate what makes everyone different. I am delighted that Roop and Jas have had such a positive influence on our children, which is so important in multicultural Britain.”

Braeburn Primary and Nursery Academy is part of Ebor Academy Trust, which also has schools in Filey, York, Selby and in the East Riding and the Humber.