WATCH: Scarborough turns out to #Clapforourcarers and say thank you to our health service

Lat night at 8pm the people of Scarborough took to their doorsteps, windows and gardens to applaud our NHS.

The Clap For Our Carers campaign saw people across the UK applaud the health service and its staff.

To thank those working tirelessly on the frontline against the coronavirus pandemic, tens of thousands of people across the country clapped from their doorsteps, balconies or windows.

Scarborough did not disappoint and this video shows people across the town show their appreciation to our local health service.

The fire service outside the hospital putting on a display of thanks.

It wasn't just residents on doorsteps - the fire service also joined in, appearing at the hospital to sound their sirens and flash their lights in a display of thanks.

All at The Scarborough News join with the town to say thank you to every key worker on the front line working to keep us safe and get us through this pandemic.

The idea behind the campaign, which was widely shared on social media, is to show appreciation for doctors, nurses, GPs, carers and every other NHS worker during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Similar events have been held in other countries including Spain, France and the Netherlands