Meet the first 10 Scarborough ladies who are preparing to bare all for charity

A group of 23 ladies are preparing to bare all in a bid to raise money for charity.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 10:34 am
Group of 10 ladies who will be taking part in the show this year

Following the success of last year's event, Lisa Smith has organised a night full of entertainment at Cayton Bay Holiday Park on Saturday November 23 in aid of three charities Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Care and Saint Catherine's Hospice.

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Group of 23 Scarborough ladies prepare to bare all for charity

Each lady performing on stage has a connection to cancer and have their own person story to share.

Carol Raper Williamson

Meet 10 of the ladies who will be performing on Saturday night:

Caroleanne Hurrell

"Well hello ladies as I sit here at Castle Grange Care Home with my Dad who is getting nearer to his next adventure which he will have to go alone. My wonderful mum is in the next room both my parents have the 'big C' and also the 'forget me not D'.

"Earlier this year my husband Steve on January the 9th took off on his last journey. Pancreatic Prostate, ovarian, breast brain tumours, lung, bowel, skin cancer, which ever it is most people are touch in there lives sometime by this illness.

Caroleanne Hurrell

"I have decided to raise awareness and a bit of cash by joining a group of inspiring beautiful incredibly funny amazing ladies on the 23rd November to perform the Half Monty.

"My Steve said to get out there dear and live life for both of us and always look on the bright side of life - so this is the start."

Donna Marie Coulson

"I was truly in awe of all the ladies who took part in last years event and wished I had joined so when the chance came to take part this year I put my name down straight away.

Chelle Brunskill

"I have known many people fight this horrible disease some of whom are still with us and some who have grown their angel wings.

"This will be a great fun filled night to not only raise money but to raise awareness and remind all you lovely ladies to check your boobs.

"I cannot wait to dance along side this fab group of ladies some of whom are survivors I am honoured to take part this year. This is for all the brave people out there."

Jo Laking

Elaine Cunnington

"I'm coming back to do the Half Monty again this year to try to raise awareness of breast caner and to raise loads of money to donate to cancer charities, in hope of saving lives.

"I've been cancer free for four years following a shock diagnosis of breast cancer following my very first routine mammogram - I didn't have a lump so I urge every woman (and man!) to check their themselves regularly and never miss a mammogram appointment - it might just save your life!

"I feel totally honoured and privileged to be dancing with some truly inspiring ladies.... we've had a ball learning to dance together - we've laughed and cried (especially when we've stood on each others toes) so I hope you enjoy our performance.

"Today, one in two people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime so please, please dig deep and give generously to help us stop this dreadful disease. Have fun!"

Carol Raper Williamson

"I am doing the Half Monty again this Year to raise awareness for Breast Cancer for all that are fighting and for those that have gained there Angel wings. I am a four years breast cancer survivor.

Donna Marie Coulson

"Mine was found with a routine mammogram so Ladies please please keep your mammogram appointment and check your boobies men too.

"If I can save one person from going through mastectomy full lymph node clearance chemotherapy radiotherapy and all the horrendous side effects that go with this disease I will have done my bit.

"I am still going through reconstruction problems but I am here to tell the tale thanks to my wonderful breast care nurses, surgeons, family, friends and my rock Trev.

"Bring it on Ladies Night II 2019!"

Rachel Drury

"I'm doing the half monty this year to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise money for charity. Every woman/man needs to know the facts and by doing this I'm hoping it will spread awareness of it.

"I feel that by doing this I'm hoping it will help someone.It can be a difficult journey and the road to recovery can be a long one and you can seem very alone but the support of family and friends will always be there. Never give up life is worth living."

Elaine Cunnington

"Ladies, please, please do attend your mammograms! I was diagnosed with high grade ductal carcinoma in situ, (DCIS), following a routine mammogram in November 2017.

"Receiving excellent care and support in York District Hospital, I had my first operation on 19th December 2017 when part of my left breast was removed. This procedure had to be repeated on 15th January 2018. Results indicated that cancerous cell were still present so I had a full left side skin sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on 8th February 2018.

"The radiation treatment they had discussed with me was no longer necessary. Happy days!

"I had no lump to feel and no outward changes to see. It was the mammogram which raised suspicion! But, just look at me now……happy, healthy and dancing for the second year!

"After raising a large sum of money and just as importantly, awareness, last November, I am delighted to be doing it all again!

"Thanks to incredible surgeons and Breast Care nurses, a loving family & good friends, I am once again enjoying life.

"I think my message has been made clear, but just in case – Ladies, please, please do attend your mammograms!"

Chelle Brunskill

"Being quite a private person where health matters are concerned, not many people know of the unimaginable pain that cancer has caused my family and friends over the years, having lost both my granddad's to stomach cancer and throat cancer and most recently my beautiful cousin Georgina to liver cancer.

"There have also been scares for my dad, my aunties on both parental sides and myself..not to mention numerous friends that have suffered and won their fights against cancer.

"I am always on the look out for ways to support cancer charities as best I can, after years of running the race for Life I felt I needed to give that little bit extra if I could so when I saw that ladies night was going ahead again this year I thought why not.. and I signed up.

"I can honestly say it has been a privilege to dance alongside some of the most amazingly brave and beautiful women I have ever met.. together we will beat and eventually rid the world of this horrible horrible disease."

Naomi Darley

"I'm doing the half monty this year, as well as last year, to raise awareness of breast cancer.

"My mum had breast cancer twice and in the end, a brain tumour. I'm enjoying taking part to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. It affects so many families and a cure needs to be found."

Sue Dennis​

"I first heard about this event through a friend. I decided I owed something to the hospice and to raise cancer awareness so I though why not do this!

"I watched my dad for three days and nights in the hospice fighting this horrible disease before he took his last breath and I vowed then to do "something" in his memory, so here I am joining the most brave inspiring people I have ever met.

"Although I'm nervous and apprehensive you ladies who have battled and continue to battle have been so lovely to us that I just want to do my bit to help you all in your journeys."

Karola Powell

"There are many reasons I have agreed to join the brave ladies this year, the main one being I feel so lucky and grateful that this awful thing has not touched me personally.

"However it has affected many friends and family, I lost my mum to bowl cancer. I am sorry I didn't have the courage to join in last year. I was so proud watching the many friends I made.

"The photos of the experiences, you have bravely put up have touched me so much. You and the many people who have, and are still undergoing treatment deserve my support. Together we can make a difference."

Jo Laking
Karola Powell
Naomi Darley
Rachel Drury
Sue Dennis