The most popular baby names in Scarborough have been revealed

File photo. Getty.
File photo. Getty.

The most popular baby names picked by parents in Scarborough in 2018 have been revealed today in figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

In the Scarborough local authority the most popular baby name was Jack, with 13 babies registered with that name.

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It topped the list in 20 local authorities in total, including County Durham, Lancaster and Sunderland.

3,988 babies were called Jack in 2018 making it the fifth most popular name in England and Wales.

The most popular girls' name was tied between Isabella and Isla, with eight baby girls registered for both.

Isla was the most popular in 26 local authorities including Warwick, Stockport and Liverpool whilst Isabella topped the list in eleven local authorities.

In all of England and Wales, Isla was the fourth most popular name in 2018 as the name of 3,046 children whilst Isabella was the seventh most popular with 2,369 baby girls called Isabella.

The most popular names overall were Oliver and Olivia, the same as the previous year.