33 photos that will take you back to great nights out in Soltz and Bar2B in Scarborough

Our latest dip into the nights-out archive photos features two popular Scarborough bars - are you pictured ?

Friday, 26th March 2021, 3:46 pm
Enjoy our night out gallery, and see who's pictured.
Enjoy our night out gallery, and see who's pictured.

The venues are Soltz, which is now The Courtyard, and Bar 2B, which is still going strong, on Harcourt Place. See who you can spot in our gallery. And have you seen the galleries from Mist, Klosters, Snowy's and Storm and Vivaz. Look out for more soon.

Dave and Jimmy catch up in Soltz, in 2010.
Ross and Lewis enjoying their night in Bar2B, in 2016.

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Marie, Deb and Claire in Soltz, in 2010.
Lucy, Megan and Beth in Bar2B, in 2016.
Brandan and Baz enjoy a weekend swill in Bar2B, in November 2016.
Tom, Nathan and Aaron enjoying themselves in Bar2B, in 2014.
Clare and Nikki in Soltz, in 2010.
Gingi, Rowett and Sam having a cheeky beer in Bar2B in 2014.
Pariss, Jess and Lauren in Bar2B in 2015.
Lewis and Robbie enjoying a night out in Bar2B in 2014.
Timmy and Lewis in Bar2B, in September 2016.
Kelly and Charlotte pose for our photographer in Bar2B, in 2016.
Keeping Soltz happy, Del and Julian! Pictured in 2010.
Jack, Steve and Louis in Bar2B, in November 2016.
Naomi, Katie, Kerry, Lindsey, Vicky and Jodie in Bar2B, in March 2013.
Matt and Karl out for Bank Holiday drinks in Soltz in 2009.
Chloe, Hannah and Amy in Bar2B, in May 2013.
Justin celebrating his birthday with Cam in Bar2B, in 2015.
Tom, Steve, Aaron and Ant in Bar2B, in 2013.
Karen and Matty welcome the punterss into the very popular Bar2B, in 2016.
Sean celebrating his 21st birthday amongst friends and family in Bar2B in 2015.
Katy enjoying the night with her hens on her hen do, in Bar2B in 2016.
Leona and Kiri in Bar2B, in 2016.
Rachel, Catrina, Rachel and Jill in Bar2B in 2016.
Bar girls Melissa, Paige and Chloe in Bar2B, in November 2016.
Matty, Coleman, Ben and Danny in Bar2B, in 2015.
James, Musty and Nick enjoy a night out in Bar2B, in 2016.
Rod, Tim, Tom, Matty and Lewis enjoy student night in Bar2B, in 2016.
Olivia, Vicky and Holly in Bar2B, in 2016.
Stan, Bladesy, Paul and Petner get the rounds in at Soltz, in 2010.
Tom, Nathan, Ginge and Sean in Bar2B, in 2016.
Amy and Beth in Bar2B, in 2016.
Claire, Claire and Debbie enjoying a night out in Soltz, in 2010.