Baby owl rescued from under Valley Bridge, Scarborough

Image by Simon Phoenix
Image by Simon Phoenix

A baby owl that was found by a man in Scarborough is being cared for at a local rescue centre.

Simon Phoenix found the owlet under Valley Bridge on his way to work and alerted a nearby traffic warden due to a worry that it would be prey for other animals.

The owlet was taken to Alma Vets who then contacted Animal House Birds of Prey in Scarborough.

A spokesperson from the centre said: "Alma vets know that we are a raptor rescue accredited rescue centre and called us to see if we can help.

"The owlet is doing well, being hand reared with minimal human interaction with the intention that once it is fully grown and breeding season is over in September we will be able to release it back into the wild."

The centre are also taking care of a sparrowhawk and little owl that have been brought in over the past few days.

The centre, which urrently has 64 birds in it's care, said: "We were called to the school field by the public for the sparrowhawk and went and picked it up, the little owl was found at a horse stud farm in Market Weighton.

"It's sibling had fallen into the water trough and drowned and this one was on the floor next to the trough."

Animal House Birds of Prey also re-home captive bred birds which are illegal to release to the wild.