Club takes the lead to train unruly canines

Scarborough Dog Club members who received their diplomas and rosettes  for passing the dog training test.
Scarborough Dog Club members who received their diplomas and rosettes for passing the dog training test.
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Teaching your dog to sit, stand, walk to heel and socialise with humans and other canines is often easier said than done.

But less talk and more action is key, so if you’re fed up of saying ‘sit’ and pointing to an empty space on the floor, sign up to Scarborough Dog Club’s new training course.

In ten-weeks they say you can become a responsible owner with a well-behaved pet too.

Chairman Jackie Towne said: “We have five experienced dog trainers who all know what it is like to have an unruly dog, and know that with time, patience, consistency, kindness and regular training you will achieve results.

“All dogs are different and some will learn much faster than others, but all will benefit and a greater bond will be created between dog and handler.

“We try to make our training sessions fun in order to encourage the owners to keep up their regular training.”

At the end of the course there is an informal test, called The Achievement Award. Those that wish can then progress to off lead activities. The club is also hoping to introduce sessions in tracking and Heelwork to Music.

Dogs need to be fully vaccinated. It costs £2 for membership for the year and £1 a week for an hour’s training.

The first of the weekly sessions - one for puppies and the other for older dogs - will be held at Burniston Road Car Park at 2pm on Sunday October 7.

New members are welcome to join the Sunday courses up until October 21.

The Club meets on Oliver’s Mount during summer and at the rear of Burniston Road Car Park in winter. However, it is now on the lookout for a new winter venue before work begins on the North Bay water park early next year.

“We are desperately looking for a new training area, preferably somewhere permanent with some sort of storage for our agility equipment,” said Mrs Towne. “We have experienced dog trainers who are providing a free service to Scarborough and all we ask is for an area to help people  train their dogs.

“We do pay and obviously expect to continue to pay a yearly rent and are happy to maintain the pavilion. We will also ensure that the area is left clean.

“I have spoken to two of the immediate residents who think it is a great idea for the dog club to locate to the bowling greens in Sea Cliff Road and say that it will be nice to see them being used again.

If you are interested in courses or wish to book a place, or if you know of a suitable training area for the club, please call Jackie on (01723) 512707.