Excitement grows as Santa comes to town!

TIS the day before Christmas and Santa is getting ready to take lots of toys for good little boys and girls across the globe.

However, before he sets off on his annual adventure, he spoke to the Evening News about why he loves Christmas - and Scarborough!

In an exclusive interview inside his grotto, Santa revealed Scarborough is one of his favourite places in the world and said he regularly visits the town when he is not hard at work in his North Pole workshop.

He said: “I’ve been coming to Scarborough - and this grotto - for years.

“It is a replica to my home in the North Pole, I love coming here and the children are so well behaved.”

Santa arrived in Scarborough last month by boat to meet children and ask them for their Christmas lists - and also revealed secret which helps him get around the world on Christmas Eve.

He said: “Although I came by boat, I also had all of my reindeers with me.

“I always carry a special key with me in my purse.

“This lets me get into houses that don’t have chimneys, though I do much prefer chimneys.

Santa also revealed what was on the top of youngsters’ wish lists this year.

He added: “Barbie dolls are very popular for the young girls this year with the older ones wanting electrical equipment like cameras and computers.

“The boys like things such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, fire engines, motor cars and Lego.

“All of my little elfs are making toys every minute of the day and will not stop until they have made a toy for every child in the world.”

To see more of the interview, log on to the Scarborough Evening News website.