Exciting new Robert E Fuller wildlife exhibition in Thixendale

Robert Fuller Gallery in Malton exhibition
Robert Fuller Gallery in Malton exhibition

Life-like paintings of red squirrels, fox, deer, badgers and owls take centre stage in a major new exhibition by acclaimed Yorkshire Wildlife artist and former Woldgsate pupil Robert E Fuller.

The painter, known for his meticulous detail, turns his attention to woodland wildlife for the new show, which runs at his gallery in Thixendale from June 16 to July 8.

The new collection draws on a lifetime of watching wildlife and each painting is the result of intensive research into the nature and habits of creatures that live in the woods. Robert Fuller, whose thorough research into animal behaviour has led to numerous TV appearances, also uses surveillance cameras hidden in tree nests in his garden to follow the day to day lives of owls and kestrels.

His nest cameras will be on show alongside the new paintings they inspired and visitors can expect to see baby barn owls and kestrels being fed live on TV screens. Robert, whose gallery in Thixendale ranks top of a TripAdvisor guide to the best art galleries in Yorkshire, will also be showing the best of his photographs and video clips of secret woodland wildlife. And visitors can book on guided walks to see owls in the countryside, kids bushcraft events in Allerthorpe and Millington Woods and bird watching in Nunburnholme, Wharram Percy, Millington and Thixendale.

“I spend a lot of my time watching wild creatures in their natural habitat in order to be able to capture their individual characters in paint,” explained Robert E Fuller, whose new exhibition also includes paintings of woodland’s smallest wild creatures: weasels, stoats and even hedgehogs.

“For this project I have focussed on animals living in or near woodland and have included badgers that I watch from a treetop hide here on the Yorkshire Wolds, red squirrels that inhabit woodland in the Dales and foxes I have watched at Dalby Forest.”

The exhibit was inspired by the news this year that the government has pledged £5.7m to create a new forest stretching from Hull to Liverpool.

Plans for the creation of a new ‘northern forest’ are being managed by the Woodland Trust and will involve planting 50 million trees along roads, rivers and on urban wasteland across northern England.

“I think it’s a fantastic project and I’d like to do what I can to support it. Woodland provides essential habitat for so much wildlife,” said Robert E Fuller.

“A great deal of wildlife in Britain depends on trees. This project will provide connected wildlife corridors which will enable species to thrive.”

Wild Woods runs from June 16 to July 8 at Robert Fuller’s gallery, Fotherdale Farm, Thixendale. Visit www.robertefuller.com for more information.