10 unique but easy Halloween costume ideas

While celebrating Halloween this year is set to look a bit different than normal, that shouldn’t stop you from getting into the spooky spirit with some dressing up at home

Thursday, 29th October 2020, 11:31 am
Check out these Halloween costume ideas to get you inspired

Whether you’re planning a virtual Halloween party, or just watching some scary movies, here are 10 unique but easy Halloween costume ideas to get you inspired.

Ghosts are a classic Halloween costume, and it’s easy to make your own outfit at home with just a white sheet and a pair of scissors. Simply add a notepad and a pen and you’ve levelled up your costume from ‘ghost’ to ‘ghostwriter’.
You’ll be able to pick up a pair of fancy dress doctor’s scrubs from most costume shops (both in person or online), as well as a stethoscope. From there, all you need to do is make yourself a name tag that says Dr Pepper.

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Netflix show You was one of the most talked about TV programmes earlier this year, when season two caused a stir. To dress up as the main character, Joe, you probably already have everything that you need in your wardrobe - a white t-shirt, a button up shirt.
Tiger King was another viral Netflix sensation that everyone was talking about in the spring. For a Carole Baskin inspired costume, all you need is a pair of blue jeans, a bright floral top and a flower crown.
Everyone loves a good pun based costume, and this one couldn’t be easier to put together - just get yourself some workout gear, some fake medals and a couple of bags of bread, and you’ve got yourself a costume as a ‘breadwinner’.
There are many Mean Girls-inspired costumes that you could go for this Halloween - like the iconic ‘sexy Santa’ outfits, or Karen’s low-effort mouse costume (duh). The easiest, most unique - but still recognisable - costume would be to mimic when Cady tried, and failed, to embarrass Regina by cutting two holes in her vest, revealing her bra. All you need is a white vest, a purple bra and a pair of scissors, and you’re good to go.
Great for those of us who leave our costumes until the last minute - all your need is your best party clothes (a suit, nice dress, or similar) and an animal mask of your choosing.
One of the five children who gets their hands on a golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Violet meets her untimely end after chewing on a piece of gum that turns her into a giant blueberry. All you need is a blue jacket, some blue face paint and some chewing gum for this costume.
This is a perfect couple’s costume for you and your partner, and is very easy to put together - smart black trousers, white shirt and black tie for Sebastian, and a yellow dress for Mia.
Another punny costume, you can put as much or as little effort into this one as you like, and it still works. For minimal effort, all you need are a pair of cat ears, a tail and a t-shirt with the word ‘copy’ on it. For maximum effort, you can go all out with cat make-up.