Loved-up couple in search of longevity

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AN ADVENTUROUS British couple travelling the UK on motorcycle and sidecar stopped off in Scarborough on a journey to uncover the secrets of a lasting relationship.

Having heard that over half of British marriages end in divorce, Mike Clear, 32, and wife Alanna, 31, last year drove from Alaska to Argentina interviewing couples to find out how to keep their own marriage on the right track.

Now on their UK trip, the duo parked up at The Santralla in The Crescent to meet Britain’s longest married couple Harold and Doreen Coupland.

Mr Clear said: “It’s a beautiful location and it was lovely to meet Britain’s oldest couple. Doreen was smashing and very stoic about their relationship. Her thing was tolerance and putting up with each others foibles.

“They’ve been married 78 years and in their day she said there was no choice about divorce, no-one moaned. I think the culture now is quite disposable.”

Online dating agency are backing Mike and Alanna’s journey which will have covered over 1,500 miles when they finish on Valentine’s Day in Cornwall.

Their interviews are being filmed for a documentary made by Fresh One Productions and can be viewed on