Feline hungry? Scarborough set to get its first cat cafe

If you’re a cat lover, this will be the puurfect place for you to visit.

By Martina Moscariello
Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 2:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 12:24 pm
Steampuss will open at 22 Bar Street.
Steampuss will open at 22 Bar Street.

After the success of similar businesses in London, Manchester and other major UK cities, Scarborough too is set to embrace the recent feline trend with the opening of its first cat cafe.

Owners Matthew Davenport and Chloe Cotton, who fell in love with Scarborough on a recent holiday, are moving all the way from Cheshire to pursue their dream to open Steampuss at 22 Bar Street.

Matthew said: “Chloe used to be the manager of a coffee shop whereas for me working in a cafe has always been my dream thing to do.

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Owners Matthew Davenport and Chloe Cotton.

“We’ve also got three cats which we love so we decided to combine the two things.

“It’s a big jump but we’re ready to take it. We’re very excited.

“To make it more interesting we’ve decided to add a quirky feeling to it so there will be a recurring Victorian, steampunky theme, hence the name Steampuss.”

Among the cafe’s furry residents is tabby Alfie, a ginger Ragdoll/Maine Coon crossbreed called Tigger and two Chausie kittens.

The owners are also looking to adopt a Bengal, a Savannah and plenty of moggies.

“We’ll have 12 cats in total,” explained Matthew, “but only 10 will be there on the day so that they can all have a rest day at some point.”

Steampuss will be a place to enjoy a piece of cake and a hot drink while cuddling domesticated felines, they say.

They anticipate they will be ready to open in June.