Whitby jewellers' new cafe on east side is a real gem

Albert's Eatery, Church Street, Whitby

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 4:00 pm

The newest addition to the scene on Whitby’s historic Church Street offers something rather different – the chance to dine while admiring the beautiful jet jewellery on display.

The cafe at the old Wesley Hall, now the base for W Hamond Museum of Whitby Jet – is incredibly spacious and it quickly became obvious how much work has gone into lovingly restoring this old property.

And no doubt about the star of the show – the largest piece of Whitby jet in the world – all 21ft of it!

This one of a kind specimen is the proud centrepiece of the long dining area at the museum, which opened to the public last month.

So what about the food? Well, being named after Royalty, it has to be good, surely?

And it is!

It is heavily seafood orientated, as you might expect in a fishing town – you can even order a crab omelette for breakfast.

Albert's Eatery, Church Street, Whitby

We went in at lunchtime to have a look round this Victorian-inspired restaurant (and its jewellery) and sample its board of fare.

I didn’t fancy anything too heavy for lunch, but the honey roast sandwiches, on brown bread, with salad and root vegetable crisps did the job while my wife Emma had the oak smoked salmon, which was nice and flaky, with salad and soda bread.

Our son Jordan gave the thumbs up to his scampi, chips and peas, which came with a glass of fruit squash.

Although there is a not a huge choice of desserts, the quality cannot be argued with. Emma’s sticky toffee pudding, topped with butterscotch sauce, was heavenly and I was very impressed with my autumn fruit crumble tart – the sharpness and flavour of the fruits was spot on, and just made me want to make a crumble that evening with some windfalls!

Jordan indulged himself with the chocolate cake, which was a generous portion for a kids’ dessert, even those with a healthier appetite!

The staff there were lovely and I would encourage anyone looking for somewhere new on the dining out scene to pay this enchanting cafe a visit.