Cheat sheet for gardeners

Novice gardeners have been offered seven tips on how they can achieve a flourishing garden, minus the hard work.

Monday, 27th May 2019, 11:06 am
Let the flowers bloom in pots

Horticulture experts from have compiled a guide on how Brits can easily achieve a lush garden and fast become the envy of the neighbourhood.

Gardening is often regarded as a task which requires patience and time, but by using a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy a blooming garden with minimal effort.

Understanding your garden’s soil type and choosing plants that help each other thrive can help to cultivate a stunning outdoor area.

A spokesperson for explained “There are tons of benefits to spending time in the garden – from a being a natural stress reliever to helping individuals remain active.

“And even the most novice homeowner can accomplish an exquisite garden – it doesn’t always have to take hours of time and effort.

“Any way to get people gardening should be encouraged, as it brings huge benefits for both personal health and the wider environment.”

Here is ’s cheat sheet for the lazy gardener

1. Fake it until you make it:

Artificial grass is no longer taboo. You can achieve a lush green lawn all year round with no watering needed, leaving neighbours in awe wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side.

2. Choose companions:

When picking plants, research beforehand and choose those which help each other thrive – these are referred to as companion plants. Some will provide shelter or shade for other plants, for example.

3. Soil hack:

Good quality soil is imperative for a garden, so arrange for the pH level of your soil to be tested (this can be done by using a home testing kit from any gardening store). This will produce an accurate description of any deficiencies, which can then be substituted.

4. Tech-savvy:

Consider investing in gadgets to make gardening a little bit easier. Self-watering plant pots and automated wheelbarrows will soon become a common sight in British gardens.

5. Wild by nature:

Leave flowers to spill out of plant pots and hedges to grow uneven. After all, nature is best left untouched. By proclaiming it as a choice to not prune daily there will be no guilt in neglecting the area, just ensure that all the plants are well fed whilst they have a life of their own.

6. Low maintenance:

Instead of dealing with dead plants that have been long forgotten, consider choosing hardy plants that are drought tolerant, even if the region is not particularly dry. Most plants need watering daily and without will droop, but certain species – like cacti – can cope better with neglect and are almost indestructible.

7. Weed-killer:

Both a cheap and inexpensive method of getting rid of weeds is preventing them from seeing any sunlight. Take a black sheet (a bin liner will suffice) and place over the area, using rocks to hold it down. This will result in the weeds turning yellow and dying due to lack of light.