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The poisonous plants that could harm your children - and the symptoms to watch out for

Although many garden and woodland plants are completely harmless to wildlife and humans alike, there are also some specific poisonous plants which can pose an extreme danger - especially if your little ones come into contact with them.

The limited edition bag is available in limited numbers at a cost of 70.

Leeds fashion brand launches limited edition bag to honour Yorkshire Day

A Leeds based fashion brand has introduced an exclusive, limited edition bag to its collection in celebration of Yorkshire Day on 1 August.

Dicky Dickinson, first governor of Scarborough spa.

Scarborough ‘spaw’: The early years

Why was there such a long delay between Mrs Thomasin Farrer’s “discovery” of the spa spring in the 1620s and Dr Robert Wittie’s printed promotion of it in the 1660s? If the doctor’s propaganda was historically accurate and news of the medicinal properties of Scarborough’s mineral water gradually spread from the town, to the Ridings and, by 1660, to the nation at large, then the same question remains unanswered: why did it take so long?

Brook House, Briggswath

A home built by Whitby swing bridge designer and lighthouse builder could be yours

A property built by renowned engineer Francis Pickernell, who rebuilt Whitby’s piers, designed the town’s iconic Swing Bridge and designed and built the lighthouse on the West Pier, could be yours!

Picture shows three of our eight lions celebrating with a beef feast.

Pride at zoo as Kumali celebrates birthday

Kumali, the leader of our pride of African lions here at Flamingo Land, turned 16 on Tuesday July 10! You may also recognise he also has a roller coaster here at the park named after him.

Dog rose

Royal connections of wild flower

“As high as we have mounted in delight,

Farm labourer wins compensation case

Farm labourer wins compensation case

At the Scarborough County Court John Thomas Walker, farm labourer, Staxton, claimed compensation from Watson Garbutt, Seamer, threshing machine proprietor, and George Lawson, farmer, Sherburn, under the Workmen’s Compensation Act.

Home with stunning views will suit multitude of buyers

Home with stunning views will suit multitude of buyers

The Crescent, Filey, £350,000

Are you able to give a little time and become a Gude Dog volunteer?

Guide Dogs need your help

Fundraising in the community can be great fun and a good way to make new friends, it is not just about standing outside a supermarket and rattling a tin.

The total value of Britain's property market has fallen by nearly 27 billion since the start of 2018, analysis by Zoopla has found

Yorkshire house prices: total property value down 2% this year

The total value of Britain's property market has fallen by nearly £27 billion since the start of 2018, analysis by Zoopla has found.

South Cliff tramway was earliest of three in Scarborough

South Cliff tramway was earliest of three in Scarborough

Crowds gather on the beach below the South Cliff tramway possibly for its opening ceremony in 1874.

Sandsend Geo Cache trail''Ceri Oakes Photography

Follow the art trail to find treasure on coastline

Family treasure hunt

Jamie Walton

Poetic highlights in store at the North York Moors Chamber Music Festival

A performance of the Edith Sitwell/William Walton entertainment Façade is a highlight of the North York Moors Chamber Music Festival.

Enjoy the great outdoors with one of these jobs currently up for grabs around Yorkshire

8 ideal jobs in Yorkshire if you love working outdoors

If the recent scorching temperatures have made you want to head outdoors, these exciting job opportunities around Yorkshire could be just the ticket to breathe some fresh air into your career.

The point at which the spring water appears below Scarborough Spa.

Dr Wittie’s Water-Works

Bible-reading Christians had plenty of reasons for their fear of the sea: Old Testament references to it were negative and ominous. In Genesis, the waters were “the great abyss” out of which God created the solid, safe and fruitful land. The Garden of Eden had a river, but no sea; and the great flood, which drowned the earth and everything on it, was an instrument of God’s punishment of his people. In its unfathomable, dark depths, the sea harboured huge monsters such as the whale which swallowed disobedient Jonah.

Blue sow thistle

Identification of mystery plant is solved

As summer ticks by, now is the time to examine your pets for ticks. These are small parasitic arachnids that live on the skin of warm-blooded mammals and suck blood from their tissues. They are present in sheep pasture and woodlands, just waiting for a possible host to come along.

Farmer’s got bottle for stealing cans of milk

Farmer’s got bottle for stealing cans of milk

1918 Police Court

View of Great Fryup Dale from Lealholmside

An enchanting walk round Great Fryup Dale

Great Fryup may suggest a good old, full English breakfast. The name sounds attractive, but I’m afraid it has no connection with cooking. You’d better enjoy your eggs, bacon and mushrooms before you depart.

The sun sets over the Herbert Woods boatyard in Potter Heigham.

Travel: Broadly delighted with a holiday to picturesque and historic Norfolk

Historical records from the 12th Century reveal the Norfolk Broads are man-made waterways created by the need for fuel in densely populated East Norfolk.

How to take care of your plants and flowers during a heatwave

The recent hot weather has brought with it plenty of sunshine and clear skies, but the unusually warm temperatures can be detrimental for your garden.

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