Let’s look into the future

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WHAT does the future hold in store for you? And if you could find out the answers, would you really want to know? The psychic world is not something that I’ve ever taken seriously, but it is with an open mind that I meet Scarborough psychic clairvoyant Jeannette DuPont to discover if my future is really written in the stars or if I’m just wishing upon one.

Jeannette, 50, of Cromwell Terrace has been practising the psychic arts for 27 years during which time she’s appeared on television and travelled Europe teaching and doing demonstrations. The mother of three moved to Scarborough in 1995 and taught in a spiritualist church and now works doing tarot readings, spiritual healing, astrology and deals in communications with spirits. Like anything supernatural, there will always be those who don’t believe.

“The world of the psychic is about helping people to help themselves; it’s about understanding nature, that we’re all part of something,” said Jeannette. “We’re all here learning life lessons, making the best of our lives, hopefully developing harmony, sometimes failing. We should work to let your conscience be your guide, if it feels right, if you’re not hurting other people, then what’s the harm?

“Working with the cards, some people suggest it can be mind reading or body language and to a certain extent there’s got to be a part of that because you naturally pick up on certain things. But a lot of my work is predicative and there are things that I’ve said that even I’ve thought oh my God and then they’ve come right. So it’s not listening to what you say and telling you what you’re wanting to hear, it’s giving you the information I’m being told to tell you.”

Before my tarot reading Jeannette asks me to pick five separate Healing cards which are to show my emotional and mental self.

These are all very positive in describing me as a person - nothing not to like– but the main focus is the Kangaroo Paw card which shows that Australia will play a very big part in my life and is my spiritual home. Although I haven’t been there before and can’t say I had any specific plans to visit, I can’t help but welcome the idea. Well, you never know!

The tarot reading is much more in depth although it’s questionable how much you look into it.

“I would say to everybody that you don’t listen to psychics, you take it on board like pinch of salt,” said Jeannette. “If they can give you proof of things that only you know, then yes, listen to them but don’t base your decisions on them. If everything is predicted to us, where is the responsibility? Where do we grow as human beings? We don’t. It’s guidance, that’s all, it’s up to you whether you listen to it or not, but you don’t or must never ever use it to live your life.”

Nevertheless, it is somewhat disheartening when my first card comes out - the Tower - and I’m told: “of all the cards in the pack, this is the worst”.

The positives to take from this however are that I’m only 24 and will move on to rebuild my life in a stronger way. Usually people draw this card around the age of 28 or 29, when they might be going through a major upheaval such as divorce or bankruptcy! I can’t say I am filled with hope.

Moving on, Jeannette tells me I’m going to be in a pickle until the end of February, that three years is very significant, probably for marriage and children and she also goes into how my finances, relationships and working life are playing out. I can see how real life examples might link in, but of course I’m going with an open mind so it’s not hard to think of ways in which I’ve been let down in the past or when plans I’ve made haven’t quite gone as expected, and if someone tells me I’ve got a bright and successful future ahead of me, why would I want to disagree?

On the other hand, there are parts which are very specific; I’m going to have three kids, a girl followed by two boys, and I’m going to settle down in the country after I’ve lived and worked abroad most likely in Spain or the States.

I might have to take my reading with a sprinkling of salt but Jeannette does work on a very positive level and whether I believe it or not, it’s nice to think that the future is bright until I discover otherwise.

After the reading came the spiritual healing and I have to admit that the sceptic in me remained firm for this. Jeannette told me she was going to cleanse my body’s seven chakras by acting as a receiver and channelling healing energies through her hands and into me. So, while I sat with my eyes closed and she unblocked my energy centres , it was hard not to laugh - I’m also quite ticklish and have a bit of a foot phobia so when my feet were touched this did not help either.

That being said, spiritual healing is something that is practiced widely and although I’m going against hundreds of testimonials, perhaps you need to have a bit more faith in it in order to reap the benefits.

So after my experience am I believer in the psychic world? Ask me in three years and I’ll tell you the answer...if I’m not in Australia by then!