Jail and hard labour for theft of silver items

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Before the Scarborough magistrates, Mr SN Smith presiding, the ex-Mayor (Mr TH Good), Mr EH Gawne, and Mr H Stephenson, this morning, Caroline Kelly (52), widow, Foster’s Yard, Dumple Street, was charged with stealing from the dwelling house, 128, North Marine Road, one pair of silver sugar tongs and one silver pickle fork, value together £1, the property of George Heads, between the 4th and 6th November. She denied the charge.

In outlining the case for the police, the Chief Constable (Mr W Basham) said that on the 5th November, the prisoner was arrested on another charge, and when searched by the female matron these articles were found in her basket. It appeared that Heads, who was an ex-sergeant of the police force, saw these articles on the sideboard in the sitting room as usual on the previous day, but they were missing on the 6th.

About 4.45pm on the 5th November, he saw a woman with a basket wearing a red apron, corresponding to prisoner. When he got home the front door, the glass door, and the sitting-room door were open. She was arrested on a charge of drunkenness, and she said that she had bought them from two men for 2s. The men said they had come from Whitby.

Ex-Sergeant Heads identified the articles.

They were placed on the sideboard on Monday night. On Tuesday afternoon he saw a woman coming out of his garden gate, witness being 60 or 70 yards away at the time. She was of similar stature to defendant, and was carrying a basket and wearing a red apron. She was drunk.

His wife, witness continued, had gone out a little time previously, and had left the doors unlocked for him to come in in the meantime. Previous to that one of the doors had been locked.

Mrs Philpot, female searcher, spoke as to finding the article in prisoner’s basket when she was taken to the police station. She was wearing a red apron.

Detective Sergeant Yeoman gave evidence as to prisoner being brought in drunk. She said she had got them from two men when near the Convent, who said they came from Whitby.

She was asked by the magistrates if she could bring witnesses, and replied that all she knew was they said they came from Whitby. They asked 2s 6d at first, but she only had 2s ½d. “I had come to see Mr Basham over a little business,” she said, “when I was locked up”. She did not know that the articles were so valuable when she bought them.

The ex-Mayor remarked there was no evidence that this was the woman.

The Chief Constable pointed out that ex-Sergeant Heads saw her coming 
from his house at 4.45pm, 
and she was locked up at 5.20pm.

After the magistrates had retired to consider their decision, the chairman said that prisoner would be sent to Hull Jail for one month with hard labour.