Nostalgia: Schooner Cap Palos

editorial image

Canadian schooner Cap Palos is pictured on the rocks in Robin Hood’s Bay.

The Vancouver registered boat was under tow to Hartlepool in October 1919 when a north easterly gale blew her inshore onto the rocks.

The crew were rescued by Bay’s lifeboat and she remained stranded on the rocks for a whole year until a channel was blasted to clear a way for her to return to sea.

After temporary repairs at Whitby in November 1920 she made here way under tow again to Blythe in Northumberland. However, she was hit by a second gale off Staithes and when trying to return to Whitby she broke from her tow ropes and drifted out to sea.

Whitby lifeboat rescued the 17-man salvage crew 18 miles off the coast and the Cap Palos was left listing and waterlogged.

Several days later a steam trawler spotted the submerged hulk off Robin Hood’s Bay and took it under tow with the intention of beaching it at Scarborough.

The Cap Palos finally yielded to the elements and broke in two, two miles off Scarborough Castle. The stern section remained afloat and was eventually towed into Cornelian Bay.

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