Nostalgic guide to town’s past

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A SCARBOROUGH man has shared his love of the town after rediscovering an old guide book from the 1880s.

Len Friskney, of Scholes Park Road, wanted to give others the chance to see the beautiful wood engraving illustrations in his copy of the Ward & Locks’ Illustrated Guide to and Popular History of Scarborough and Eastern Yorkshire.

These include images of the Spa, North Bay with pier, Foreshore Road and the former Aquarium in South Bay. The book is believed to date from 1888 and also covers Filey, Whitby and Bridlington.

Mr Friskney, 70, said: “The book has been in my possession for ages but I found it again while I was having a clear out. It shows how much Scarborough has changed over the years and I like the fact it mentions the other towns too.”

He added that the book refers to Scarborough as “the Queen of English watering places” and suggests that people travel here from London either by train or on a boat which stopped here on the way to Sunderland.

Mr Friskney, who used to work at the Evening News as a typesetter, said: “Some of the adverts are brilliant too. It’s very interesting to see how much things cost!”

The book was published by Ward, Lock & Co of Salisbury Square, London and was priced at one shilling.