Quarter sessions to deal with theft case

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1914 Court

At the Borough Police Court this morning before the Mayor (Mr CC Graham), Mr AJ Tugwell, Mr G Rowntree, and Mr J Sinfield, Bessie Crosby (30), cook, White Hart Hotel, Barnsley, was charged on remand with having stolen nine sheets, two quilts, three pillow cases, one bolster case, one blanket, one table cover, two roller towels, and four face towels, valued together at £4 5s 6d, the property of Mary Elizabeth Dixon, between May 1st and November 19th, 1914.

Prisoner pleaded not guilty.

The Chief Constable said prisoner had been employed at the Queen’s Hotel Hydro for a considerable period, with two breaks of a few weeks. She was employed continuously from April 29th to November 16th, and part of her duties during the time that staff was not at full strength was to assist in the bedrooms. Mrs Dixon, the manageress, would tell them this property was in her possession in May and during the busy time, probably until the end of July. She had missed articles of linen, but this property was not definitely missed until they were produced to her by the police. The articles had been found pledged at Messrs I’Anson’s. A woman named Annie Eden would say that she pledged three parcels at Messrs I’Anson’s at the request of prisoner. The first parcel was pledged on November 16th, the date on which prisoner left her employment. Mrs Eden had pledged all three parcels in November. Prisoner had stayed with a Mrs Parker from November 16th to 20th, and latter would state that she had with her two tin trunks. Mrs Parker had given her 3s for a pawn ticket in order to assist her. Prisoner had been arrested at Barnsley by Detective Sergeant Yeoman. The Chief Constable added that there were 13 articles with the corners cut out, but one was marked “Queen’s Hydro”.

Mrs Dixon gave evidence.

Mrs Annie Eden, 12, Seamen’s Dwellings, spoke as to prisoner coming to her house and asking her to pledge parcels, and telling her to get what she could for them. On one occasion she had asked if they were her own, and she had replied that they were, and had asked her (witness) if she thought she (prisoner) would get her into trouble. On one occasion she had said a parcel contained “some of Johnny’s clothes” which witness took to refer to her husband.

Replying to a question by prisoner, witness said that she had received 1s for pledging each of the first two parcels, and sixpence for the third.

Sidney Walker, manager for Messrs I’Anson spoke as to the article being pledged by Mrs Eden.

By the Mayor: The cut corners of the sheets were not noticed until the articles were produced to the police.

Mrs Jane Parker, 54, West Bank, spoke as to prisoner having stayed several nights at her house. She had said that Mrs Eden was a liar for stating that she had then been pawning sheets for her.

Detective Sergeant Yeoman said that prisoner, when cautioned, had replied, “They were given to me by Molly, the chambermaid, to keep for her. “When I left I took them away in my box. I gave them to Mrs Eden to pledge.”

Prisoner, in the box, said: The things were brought into the bedroom by Molly Paul, the chambermaid, who asked her to keep them for her. She got Mrs Eden to pledge them for her when she left.

By the Chief Constable: She shared the bedroom with the chambermaid for five weeks. She had no grievance against the Queen’s Hotel Hydro. After her wages had been reduced she had not said to Molly “I’ll make it up another way.”

By the Mayor: She did not know where Molly had got the articles. She asked Mrs Eden to pawn the articles because she did not know “how to go about” pawning articles.

The case was sent to the Quarter Sessions for trial, bail being allowed in the sum of £10, prisoner’s own recognisances and a surety of £10.