When the streets had no cars

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These nostalgic images are taken from postcards sent in to the Scarborough News by collector and local history enthusiast Charles Braithwaite.

The pictures show Scarborough streets in the 1920s and 1930s, when motor cars were something of a rarity.

Barwick Terrace

Barwick Terrace

Mr Braithwaite said: “I feel sure that at least half our population will find it difficult to imagine the scene when the streets in our densely populated areas were the playgrounds for most children.

“Football – usually with an old tennis ball – skipping, marbles and hopscotch. Even trundling old, and sometimes very large, motor vehicle tyres propelled by a hand-held stick.

“Nowadays, of course, our streets are filled with cars, many parked both sides night and day.

“It seems a reasonable bet that the solitary car seen here and there in these pictures belonged to a visiting doctor – or perhaps a wealthy visitor.

“Whatever, it is interesting that the postcard publishers of the day apparently considered the vehicle sufficiently unique to warrant the marketing venture. Could they ever have imagined the scene today?”