Inquest opened after death of huntsman

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An inquest has been opened and adjourned on a well known Ryedale farmer and huntsman, Richard Morley.

North Yorkshire East Coroner, Michael Oakley, opening the hearing, said Mr Morley, 62, had been found hanged at his Westfields Farm, Thornton-le-Dale.

Police said there were no suspicious circumstances.

Mr Morley was a prominent member of the Derwent Hunt for many years.

l Farm Crisis Network (FCN), a voluntary organisation that provides emotional and practical support for the farming community, says that some studies have indicated that farmers may be three times more likely than the average person to take their own life.

Glyn Evans, regional director for FCN said: “Many wives, mothers, sons and friends notice a change in someone they know well. The temptation is to pretend that you are imagining it and hope things improve.

“It is really vital that the subject is broached. Asking whether someone is feeling depressed or if they have had suicidal thoughts, really can save lives.”

He added: “In my experience the feeling that nobody cares enough to notice how someone is, can put people more at risk of going forward to complete suicide.”

Mr Evans said his advice was to be vigilant and not leaving someone on their own: “Show the person you care. This can often be enough in itself to prevent them from taking their life in a moment of crisis.”

The inquest on Mr Morley was adjourned to a date to be fixed.