Your Day Out: Elevated views of coast

The ford and duck pond on Barmoor Lane, Scalby.
The ford and duck pond on Barmoor Lane, Scalby.

The Tour de Yorkshire has certainly stimulated increased interest in cycling. With this in mind, the 4.5 ‘circular’ route may be appreciated by walkers, cyclists and car-owners alike. Following country lanes throughout, it has ascents and descents providing excellent views over the countryside to the coast.

The route starts from Scalby village, just beyond Newby to the north of Scarborough. It may be accessed by bus or private transport. From the A171 Scalby Road, cross the road bridge between Newby and Scalby, and at the brow of the hill at crossroads turn left into High Street. Along Scalby’s High Street you’ll find the village store, inns and Yew Tree Cafe.

From the Yew Tree, veer left down Church Lane, and follow a line of lime trees leading to St Laurence’s Church elevated to the right.

Beyond the church is Carr Lane, with the village green off left as you cross the bridge. Turn right by Low Hall, from the sign which indicates Hackness. Keep to Hay Lane, as it ascends by lovely properties to Hay Brow, and swings right to maintain its ascent to Suffield. Here you may choose to purchase cordials or other drinks close by.

From the little road island, turn right as signed to Silpho and Harwood Dale, as your long climb is behind you. Soon rounding a bend, follow Swang Road towards the Reasty Road, with plantations to either side of your route. At a road junction sign, turn right along Cumboots Brow and down a steep, leafy lane which is wooded to your left. A seat is to your right, should you wish to relax and enjoy a flask of your favourite cuppa.

Next, negotiating bends continue to Cumboots Farm off right, and cottages etc until Orljack is viewed to the left. A gentle rise takes you to crossroads. Beacon Brow Road goes off left, and Limestone Road is straight ahead, so turn right.

The hedged lane presents elevated views over the surrounding green fields and bright yellow rape crops.

In the distance is the deep blue sea.

At the next road junction turn right down the hill, passing Barmoor House and Barmoor Grange with clipped evergreens. Barmoor Farmhouse Holiday Cottages are off to the right.

Descend into the 30mph zone and observe Wrea Head Cottages to your right, and Foulsyke Cottages just beyond. Foulsyke Farm and The Foulsyke Bistro and Coffee House feature prominently to your left as you approach the ford near Foulsyke Stables. The coffee house has been highly recommended and makes a grand spot for refreshment and a chat.

Then halt at the pond and watch the ducks a-dabbling. From the ford, turn immediately right beside a row of bungalows along North Street, which overlook Wrea Head.

Reaching the road junction, at an island beautifully adorned with flowers, foliage and seating, bear right by terraced properties to the Nag’s Head Inn, and Yew Tree Cafe. Here bear right into Church Lane to complete the circular and find time to visit St Laurence’s Church.

Distance: 4.5 miles. Don’t be put off by the initial rise up Hay Lane. Remember, what goes up must come down.

Refreshment: The Yew Tree Cafe and inns and village store in Scalby village. Toilets: Scalby village. Also the bistro and coffee house on Barmoor Lane, Scalby.

Access: Bus services No.15 and No.93.

Map reference: Ordnance Survey, Explorer Map OL27. North York Moors Eastern Area. Scale 2.5 inches to 1 mile.