IN PICTURES: Seven top holiday destination for fitness fanatics

Active Brits needn’t disrupt their fitness journey on their annual trip abroad, as the top seven fitness-friendly holiday spots have been revealed.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 7:58 am
Spains white coast is famous for those looking for sun, sea, and sand, but Costa Blanca is also incredibly popular with rock-climbers seeking year-round sun. The area has a wide variety of rock faces close to the sea, making it the ideal holiday destination for rock climbing lovers.

Health and exercise specialists at have compiled a guide to the best holiday destinations for fitness fans.

The home of the first ever marathon, legend has it that a Greek herald was sent running from Marathon to Athens to announce a battle victory. For cardio fans, running along the same route is a must.
With water temperatures averaging 27C, the Sea of Cortez offers a beautiful retreat for those who feel more comfortable on sea than land. Take a snorkel and immerse yourself in the diverse marine life. The UNESCO-protected area provides a continuous visual feast for the eyes.
This famous off-road cycle track is the longest of its kind, spanning more than 1,000km. It takes its name from the local aboriginal language meaning path through the forest, and its not unusual to encounter Australian wildlife such as wallabies, kangaroo and possums along the way. However, its not for the faint-hearted as the trail is a huge physical workout and requires highly technical riding skills to master the steep slopes.
The small nation of Slovenia holds a variety of treasures, but with only 47km of coastline you would be forgiven for thinking this nation has little to offer in terms of rowing. However, Lake Bled in the north-western region is a popular tourist destination due to its emerald green water and view of the Julien Alps, also boasting a whimsical church in the centre.
The site of the first ever winter Olympics held in 1924 is now a popular resort for skiers, and is often referred to as the capital of all mountain skiing. With sharp valleys and tumbling glaciers, its perfect for those looking for a challenge, and snowboarders hoping to take on le grand ski.
The route spans 4265km from Mexico to Canada, cutting through California, Oregon, and Washington and following the highest parts of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. The length of the trail is daunting but can offer a wide variety of landscapes for the experienced adventurer. The PCT is on many hikers top ten lists of best treks and truly shows the best views America has to offer.