REVIEW: Mass Effect 3

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Format: Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Genre: Sci Fi third person shooter.

A LONG-AWAITED conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy has finally arrived and it promises not to disappoint.

The story so far is that in the year 2183 Shepard was the captain of the Alliance warship Normandy which destroyed the vanguard of a Reaper invasion in a fierce battle for the Citadel – the galactic capital for all alien races.

But his victory was short lived with a massive Reaper fleet patiently waiting in deep space to launch its next attack.

Fast forward two years and Shepard, who has been mortally wounded on a routine mission, is rescued by the pro-human terrorist organisation Cerberus.

The organisation recognises the imminent danger posed by the Reapers and enlists the help of Shepard alongside a colourful crew of scientists, soldiers and outlaws.

You take on the role of Shepard and right from the start you are thrown right into the thick of the action as the alien Reapers launch a full on invasion to take over the galaxy.

With the earth conquered and the rest of the galaxy looking at the prospect of total destruction you are the only one who can save the universe – no pressure then.

You must lead the counter attack in the universal battle against the Reaper threat – long-promised throughout the trilogy – and the way you do this is left entirely to you. You decide which planets to save and which alliances to forge in order to achieve your goal.

But you don’t need to have played any of the previous games to do this one because it is suitable for new recruits. However veterans of the series will not be disappointed because you can transfer

Right from the start I was impressed by the detailed graphics and the instinctive controls. There are three different modes of play – action, role play or story – enabling you to tailor your game just how you like it.

You must be prepared to use diplomacy and be warned you actions or decisions could have universal consequences between the rival alien races.

And with at least 30 hours game time ahead of you, it is a marathon not just your usual shoot ‘em up sprint, and for me this is a worthy conclusion to the franchise.