REVIEW: Silent Hill Downpour

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THIS latest instalment of the franchise follows the story of convict Murphy Pendleton who is being transported to a secure facility – however the journey is interrupted when the prison bus dramatically crashes on the edge of town.

After picking your way through the wreckage you find yourself drawn to Silent Hill to discover previously areas never before seen in the series. These new areas include the town’s defunct transport tunnels and the abandoned marina.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed because Silent Hill Downpour retains the classic mix of action and puzzles for which the game is famed for.

However this is a much more open experience and the game world is large and sprawling with many more areas to explore.

Your explorations will take you into all of the new areas and see you face both new and familiar foes as Murphy’s innermost fears are manifested and hunt him down.

As you would expect the atmosphere is dark and oppressive. You can’t help get a sense of nostalgia as, with the unpredictable camera angles and sometimes glitchy controls, it has a PS2 feel but with improved graphics.

The end result is a tense story, twisting plot and moments of sheer terror as Murphy must confront his fears and fight for his life if he stands a chance of escaping the legendary mist-shrouded streets of Silent Hill.