REVIEW: Syndicate

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Format: PC/Xbox 360/PS3

THIS game is set in the year 2069 and throws you into a dark dystopian world which is run without the benefit of Government supervision.

The end result of this freedom is that many Machiavellian syndicates are competing for complete dominance on a local level and no one is present to question their intentions or wonder about what it is that they are doing.

There are three super corporations – called Eurocorp, Cayman Global and Aspari – who are heading the brutal struggle for control of the American sector and in the world you find yourself in everything is digitally connected.

It is a worrying step forward that the world is now controlled by big business and that the syndicates have revolutionised the way that we interact with the digital world. We no longer need a gadget to access data and their technology – they can manage this after a neural chip implant.

Apparently we civilians shouted to be included in the wonderful world of implants – although don’t go for those industrial grade silicone implants because they are not up to scratch – the upgrades are as cheap as chips.

I have to admit I liked the cyberpunk feel to Syndicate and it was reminiscent of recent games such as Deus Ex, Singularity and Fear.

However there were not many pick ups and there were too many boss fights in quick succession to give you time for a well earned rest.

The game was quite linear but it was difficult to remember the controls for your special powers which are quite important in the game.

Having said that the controls were familiar – very much in the style of Call Of Duty – which made the experience very natural.

So prepare yourself for war between the various syndicates and may the best agent win.