Theatre: Goth Weekend

.Jessica Johnson stars in Goth Weekend.
.Jessica Johnson stars in Goth Weekend.

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, until October 7 in rep

Actress Jessica Johnson is rocking it as Belinda in Ali Taylor’s new play Goth Weekend.

The Newcastle-based performer picked up a guitar for the first time a month ago – not that you would ever know she was a novice.

She is stunning in the role of the Goth who rocks the world of her new boyfriend and his appalled daughter.

“Belinda is feisty, a live wire, sassy and fun,” said Jessica, whose enthusiasm for this new work is barely containable.

“She is also vulnerable.”

The quality of the writing, the chance to play such a feisty character and the opportunity to work at the Stephen Joseph enticed Jessica further south.

“It’s not often you get such a great role written for a woman. She’s witty and intelligent and to get that in a female character is brilliant.”

The working class voice to the play also appealed to the actress who has worked with women whose voices tend to be marginalised. She has worked in prisons and with travellers.

“It is nice to have a working class voice and you get that in Goth Weekend. The characters talk about being skint and making ends meet.

“Belinda wants the right to be inspired, dream big and want more.”

Being in Scarborough also means Jessica gets to hang out with her daughter who is studying performing arts here.

Goth Weekend is, said Jessica, a comedy about family and identity.

It was inspired by Ali’s trip to Whitby during Goth Weekend.

“It’s full of music, humour, jokes and fun but also, I hope, with a poignant core expressing what it’s like to be an outsider in today’s society,” he said

The play moves to Live Theatre Newcastle after its Scarborough run. When that is finished Jessica will play the Wicked Queen in panto for the first time. “I’m so excited,” she said.

Tickets: 01723 370541