Wargames club ready for world record bid

A WAR games club in Scarborough will be attempting to become record breakers as part of Armed Forces Day next month.

The Scarborough War Games Club, which recreates battle scenarios on giant tables using armies of small figurines, will be co-ordinating 10 battles which were fought during the Peninsular War of the early 1800s, in a single game at the Spa, which could see as many as 40,000 figures in play at any one time.

Although war games do not faithfully recreate battles and their outcomes, players take on the role of opposing forces and attempt to out-wit and out-manoeuvre their opponents.

Kelvin Pickup, who is one of those organising the war games weekend on June 25 and 26, hopes it will become an annual event and more people will be drawn to the hobby.

He said: “I’ve been gaming for some 35 years and in that time you learn so much about history because you have to read and research the particular battles. There’s a maths element to gaming too, but for me, the biggest thrill is painting the figures and seeing them finally set up on the table at the start of a game.

“I hope people who are on the seafront for Armed Forces Day will come along and join in some of the games and maybe even join our club, which currently has 28 members.”

The Battle of Salamanca, and other more modern battles, will be fought by war gaming enthusiasts. However, some of the clubs which were due to be involved have had to pull out and organisers are now looking for other war gamers or clubs to fill the gap.

Among the enthusiasts heading to Scarborough will be famous actor and performer Nigel Betts, who has starred in an impressive amount of productions and shows including Sharpe, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

The weekend itself is being jointly organised by the Scarborough club and the Loughton Strike Force and is expected to attract war games enthusiasts from around the country.

There will also be a trade show on site, offering a variety of the hobby’s best miniatures and accessories.

Money raised from the event will be donated to the Help for Heroes military charity and the Mayoress’s Community Fund.