Wilting In Bloom group withdraws

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A SCARBOROUGH village is withdrawing from next year’s In Bloom competition due to a shortage of volunteers.

After six successful years competing in Yorkshire In Bloom the Osgodby In Bloom group has taken the decision not to enter the 2012 event.

The committee decided that due to the age, and low number of volunteers they will struggle to meet the criteria for the competition.

Roger Pledger, chairman of Osgodby in Bloom said the decision was hard to make, but it is not final.

He said: “It is with regret the group has reached a decision not to enter the competition in 2012.

“We are so few in numbers, and none of us getting any younger, that we find the task of achieving the criteria necessary for judging deadlines to be too great a challenge.

“This decision has been made for several reasons, cost being a major factor in these difficult economic times.

“Although the village as a whole benefits from the group’s activities, many residents are still unaware of the values of In Bloom nation wide.

“However the decision is only for the time being, we will review it every year.

“Osgodby in Bloom is also unanimous in its pledge to maintain the current standard of the village.”

Mr Pledger added that he believes Yorkshire In Bloom has “lost sight of its original aim” which was floral and that it has “expanded far too much and the criteria is too stringent”.

This year the Osgodby In Bloom group was awarded a sixth consecutive Silver-Gilt Rose Award in the Yorkshire In Bloom competition.

The two judges commended the consistent high standard of entry. They said all areas of planting were worthy of merit, overall producing a quality entry. They also mentioned their tour of Knipe Point in July.

Mr Pledger added: “Thank you for all the efforts of the Osgodby In Bloom members through the years. We look forward to going onwards and maintaining our existing standards.

“Thanks also to those residents who are not members but help with watering and tending planters in beds.

“Our standards could not be maintained without their help.”

As in recent years the group will continue to work with children and staff at Overdale School, who support them in their work.