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Research finds that UK men are avoiding visiting the doctor

Research finds that UK men are avoiding visiting the doctor

Nearly a third of men admit they have developed an ‘ostrich’ attitude towards their health, a study has found. Research revealed a large percentage of blokes up and down the country are avoiding visiting the doctor because they have don’t have the time or they don’t think it’s important. The study of 1,000 males also […]

Theses are the top 40 things over-65s say keep them feeling young

Theses are the top 40 things over-65s say keep them feeling young

An active love life, drinking red wine and doing yoga are among the top 40 things which keep you young, according to research. The poll of 1,500 over-65s also revealed singing along to music, spending time with people younger than yourself and doing puzzles also featured. And when it comes to how you feel on […]

Millennials would rather eat a healthy meal than have sex with their partner midweek

A recent study has shown that time-poor millennials don’t have time to both eat healthily AND get ‘down and dirty’ with their partner midweek, forcing them to choose between a ‘cook up or a hook up’. The survey from Simply Beef and Lamb found that more than three quarters (78 per cent) of 18-34 year olds […]

Revealed: The top 25 skills modern dads have to master

Setting up WiFi, being active on social media and knowing the lyrics to chart toppers have emerged among a list of skills modern dads have to get their heads around. Researchers found as well as having to be good at traditional talents such as fixing bikes ‘dad 2.0’ must also be adept at updating computers […]

Sweeten up summer with Iceland’s new ice cream range

Iceland has launched a range of sweet treats, including smooth and creamy ice cream desserts, Mini Viennas and decadent chocolate covered Majestics. New for 2018, St Clements and Peach Melba Majestics are swirled with fruity sorbet, dipped in a creamy chocolate coating and finished with freeze dried fruit – adding a touch of luxury to […]

Brits admit to taking life too seriously

Six in 10 Brits admit they take life too seriously, according to a study. Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults found most of us are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life we’re losing our sense of fun. We’re also less willing to let our hair down and try new things […]

Brits confess that work, money and relationships are the first things on their mind when waking up

Ridiculously, WORK is one of the first things Brits think about as they wake up in the morning, according to new research. Incapable of switching off, we are stirred from our sleep ahead of our alarm by work woes at least twice a week. The impact of the weather and money worries were also at […]

Nation to snub official replica kits for cheaper alternatives this summer

Three Lions won’t be on a shirt this summer with 80% of fans refusing to fork out for an official England replica shirt. A study, ran by AIRO sportswear, found that two thirds of fans believe major sportswear brands are pricing them out of the game, many now seeking alternative ways to get behind their […]

These are the top children’s books adults want to read again

Childhood classic, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis has been hailed as the children’s book the nation’s grown-ups most want to read again. The classic fantasy novel, which was first published in 1950, beat tough competition from another widely-held children’s favourite – Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. The Railway Children, […]

Britain’s cats are running rings round their owners

Climbing up curtains, pinching dinner off the side and knocking over ornaments are just some of the ways Britain’s cats are running rings round their owners. A poll of 2,000 cat owners found they typically have to stop their pets getting up to no good a whopping 1,350 times a year. Other cheeky acts include […]