£12,500 to spare blushes!

During our anxious wait for the council’s decision on the future of our Town Hall, I came across an old Scarborough Evening News report which I feel might help lighten-up a little this grave situation.

Having regard to comments which give the impression that the building is becoming almost uninhabitable, the following extract from a 1959 copy of the SEN seems to bear some relation to that perception. I quote: “Five hundred pounds (today’s equivalent £12,500) to spare women’s blushes was spent by Scarborough Council in February.

“Old-fashioned settees in the Mayoress’ Parlour at the Town Hall were so low that women sitting on them could not help showing more leg than was considered dignified in such a place. Women guests had particular problems if they were trying to sit down while holding a cup of tea.”

The £500 bought replacements for the sofas and other furniture in the parlour which was said to be getting old.

Those were the days!

Charles Braithwaite

Trinity Road