A 22-year-old Scarborough man set to star in E4's Club Rep Wars tonight

A local Scarborough man will be joining a bunch of "wannabe club reps" in a brand new series on E4.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 12:02 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 12:28 pm
Joe will appear on episode three on Club Rep Wars.

Joe Grassham is set to feature in episode three of Club Rep Wars this evening at 10pm.

The eight-episode series follows two teams of men and women competing to win the chance to work a season on the island of Zante.

The 22-year-old said: "This was a great opportunity for me. It was a fresh start for me something new and a new challenge.

"I've previously done four weeks in Zante so I've wanted to revisit that sort of work."

The former Scarborough Sixth Form student was approached on Facebook to apply for the show which led to the opportunity for filming for the show this summer.

Talking about the show, Joe said: "Essentially its two teams working abroad first and foremost and they compete against each other to win a job working abroad for the season.

"Every few days a new arrival will spend time with each team and then essentially decide which team they think has what it takes to win the job of a club rep for the summer."

Joe, who now works in a call centre, said that it was "fun working away and what you would expect on the strip and running events."

This evening, he will make his debut on the show which is described on E4 as: "Hunky new arrival Joe is straight to work with the Blues at a Glitter and Gold party and has a sparkly romance with Karys."

The 22-year-old had previously attended Northumbria University to study Business Management but said that it "wasn't for him."

Now Joe, who is still living in Newcastle, is now hoping that it brings opportunities in reality TV as he is hoping to progress in the industry in the future.

Speaking about his families reaction to the show, Joe said: "My mum is really happy for me but she is worried that she will see something that she shouldn't.

"But she is glad that i have been given the opportunity and I know that I've just been myself on there so that is all i can do."

Club Rep Wars will air tonight on E4 at 10pm.