A green oasis awaits

View of Falsgrave Park, 092008c
View of Falsgrave Park, 092008c

On the edge of the Falsgrave community is a park of which they can be justly proud. Falsgrave Park is an oasis of green beauty, which is loved and treasured by local people. Rightly so too, as it’s managed by Scarborough Borough Council along with the Friends of Falsgrave Park, who do sterling work in keeping it clean, safe 
and attractive. There’s something for everyone, so if you haven’t been, do go along there.

Access to the park couldn’t be easier, if you know Falsgrave roundabout on the outskirts of Scarborough, which is at the junctions of Seamer Road and Falsgrave Road.

Follow Falsgrave Road to its junction with Scalby Road to find the Crown Tavern, from where this walk starts.

From the Crown Tavern, continue up Stepney Road passing Strawberry Court to the right, opposite Park Road. Reaching property number 23 cross the busy road with care into Park Avenue.

Keep to this level avenue, ignoring a steep road off right. At the far end near the top of Oak Road, enter by a metal gateway into Falsgrave Park.

Halt here! Do read the attractive information board welcoming you to this lovely area with its play-zone for children; small football pitch and graffiti wall; historic springs and Conduit House; beautiful woodland and areas for wild flowers; a stone circle, and sculpture, etc. The park lies at the side of Spring Hill - appropriately named on account of springs trickling down the hillside. It’s a wonderful place to explore, and in autumn/winter when trees are bare, as you reach the top you’ll marvel at the views over Scarborough - possibly the best you’ll find anywhere!

Start from the information board and turn immediately right uphill beneath shady trees. Almost immediately, seek to your right a narrow cinder path leading swiftly to five steps. At the top, go left along boarding to discover in the midst of trees to your left, the Conduit House. Here, an information board clearly details its value to local residents. Springhill is noted for its springs in the hillside. These have long provided a water supply to Falsgrave and even to Scarborough itself. Do read all about it.

From Conduit House, proceed along the narrow, grassy path for a few paces past brambles, to re-emerge on your original broad path. Continue uphill to a bend, where you’ll find an information board regarding the woodland and wildlife. Next, ascend the 60 railed steps to the summit. There you’ll enter Springhill Meadows, which for several years have flaunted colourful beds of wild flowers at this time of the year. Sadly, the flower beds had been ploughed over, and only the fringes bore signs of corn marigolds etc. I found myself humming, “Where have all the flowers gone?” I’m sure other plans will be in store! Again you can read the handsome display board, and sit by a picnic table to listen to the sounds of insects and birds.

Walk past the litter bin and picnic table towards the lane, and return on the upper side of the field with hedging and railed-off reservoir to the right.

You’ll see the store circle and log seating etc to your left, and a carved barn owl beside nearby hedging, with a seat beyond.

At the far end of the meadow turn left to the lower meadow. You’ll find a litter bin and empty display board. Take the firm footpath forking right downhill. Keep descending several short flights of steps on the edge of the park. Nearing the foot of the park, broad steps curve left, with grassland within the enclosure.

A level path continues past the rear of Green Gables which is railed off to your right. Keep directly ahead to the children’s play area opposite a wonderful ‘weeping’ willow tree. Admire the brightly-coloured apparatus in the play area, along with a legal graffiti wall and small football pitch. Please leave the area as spotless as you would wish to find it, and pick up any 

Leaving the park by the metal gate, turn immediately right down Oak Road. At the foot of Oak Road meet the A64 Seamer Road.

Turning left along Seamer Road, pass Highfield and Grange Avenue as you return to Falsgrave Traffic island, with shops and two super cafes to your right for refreshment.

Turning left beside West Park Terrace, Falsgrave Road returns you to the Crown Tavern.

Distance: Only 2 to 2.5 miles, but many steps to negotiate. Easy walking.

Refreshment: The New Contrast Cafe and Pic-a-Dish at Falsgrave.