A-level results - Malton School

Malton School year 11 prom - today, the year 13s picked up their A-level results
Malton School year 11 prom - today, the year 13s picked up their A-level results

Students in the sixth Form at Malton School have once again achieved a very good set of A-Level results.

As a group the students performed in line with expectations, which was particularly pleasing as the first cohort to go through the new linear system where in most cases the results are based on exams at the end of the two year course.

The Sixth Form also delivers a small number of vocational BTEC courses.

Students on these courses achieved highly too and secured the outcomes they needed for their career plans.

Overall, the most important measure of the Sixth Form is the extent to which students are enabled to move on to the desired next step for their career development.

The vast majority of them at Malton were successful in doing this, in most cases to their first choice destination.

Among success in a whole range of career routes, from dance to the army, from teaching to engineering, from bio-archaeology to museum management, one story stood out of two young men - Sam Holden and Robert Walker.

The pair first met at the age of four in Reception at Amotherby Primary School, 14 years ago and they have been in the same classes throughout their time at school.

Now, they are heading off together to Manchester University to study Maths and Actuarial Science with seven A* to B grades between them.

Head of Sixth Form, Mark Dent, said: “I am so pleased for the students.

“It has been a privilege to work with them over the last two years and see them grow as young adults. I wish them all every

success and I am sure they have bright futures ahead.”

Headteacher Rob Williams said: “I am delighted for the young people today. They and their families should be proud of what they have achieved. I also want to pay tribute to the staff team who have worked hard alongside the students.

“The best wishes of the school go with each and every one of them as they move forward with their careers.”


A Anderson art*, d&t geog; C Armstrong art, biol, gen studs; J Booker heal&soc*; E Booth biol, bus studs, gen studs*, psych; J Bottomley bus studs, gen studs, geog, hist; N Bradley art, bus studs, soc; E Brown gen studs, maths, phys; O Burgess biol, eng**, gen studs, hist*; T Calder gen studs, heal&soc**, rel studs, soc; S Carroll eng, gen studs, hist, soc; F Dalton eng, gen studs, hist, soc; Z Davison gen studs*, hist, rel studs, soc. J Draper fine art, gen studs, heal& soc, soc; I Drinkall gen studs, heal&soc*, rel studs, soc; M Eckersley gen studs, geog, soc; O Eckersley chem, fine art; M Fawcett art, biol, gen studs, psych; T Green biol, eng*, gen studs*, hist; A Harper art, gen studs, psych, soc; J Harper biol, chem, gen studs, geog; O Hildreth art, gen studs, geog, soc; S Holden maths**, furth maths*, phys. J Hyde gen studs, maths*, furth maths, phys; E Kelsey fine art, heal&soc**, psych; C Kerins biol, chem, gen studs, phys, ext project*; A Li gen studs, double heal&soc**, soc; B Metcalfe bus studs, d&t, gen studs, geog; R Mitchell art, d&t, gen studs, hist; V Mitchell bus studs, d&t*, gen studs, geog; B Plews chem, eng*, gen studs, hist*, ext project*; L Pollan-Turner biol, gen studs, geog, psych, Spanish*; K Potts d&t, geog, hist; G Rice biol, chem, gen studs, maths; K Rodgers art. J Tetlow biol**, chem*, gen stud**, maths; M Turner heal&soc*, hist, soc; R Walker biol*, gen studs, maths**, phys*; M Woollons biol, fine art*, gen studs, psych*; C Yates gen studs, hist.