A-level students pick up results today

w1405i. Joy Appleby celbrates  A Level Results, Lady Lumley's Pickering. Pic: Scott Wicking.
w1405i. Joy Appleby celbrates A Level Results, Lady Lumley's Pickering. Pic: Scott Wicking.

Students around Yorkshire have been eagerly awaiting the results of their A-levels, which they found out this morning.

Latest results are as follows.

Malton School

A = *

A* = **

A Abrahams geog*, gov and polits* hist, gen studs;J Anderson hist*, boil*, chem*, gen studs;

C Branston psychol, sociol;J Camps art and des;F Cole Norton geog*, hist, psychol, gen studs**;J Criddle biol, chem, geog, gen studs;A Donovan chem, geog, phys, gen studs;L Douthwaite busi studs, pe;E Egan hist* biol*, geog*, gen studs;T Field eng lang and lit, social, gen studs;C Firth-O’Donnell art and des**, biol, chem, gen studs;H Fletcher art and des, hist, gen studs;B Frank rel studs, sociol;R Gaughan busi studs*, hist, pe**, gen studs;M Gibson gov and polits, sociol;E Green eng lang and lit*, psychol, sociol, gen studs;S Heslop biol, chem, phys, gen studs;N Hopkins art and des, busi studs, home ec;D Ingham chem, gov and polits*, hist, gen studs;O Johnston busi studs, gen studs;A Leckenby hist, gen studs;E Liversidge eng lang and lit, rel studs, social;W Mann chem, maths*, frth maths, phys*, gen studs;N Marwood biol, chem, maths, gen studs;C McNiff gov and polits, hist, sociol;A Metcalfe geog, psychol, photy, gen studs;C Metcalfe art and des, psychol*, social*, gen studs;E Miller art and des, eng lang and lit, gen studs;J Miller biol, chem, maths, gen studs;T Nesfield chem*, maths*, phys*, gen studs;L O’Brien hist**, biol*, chem, gen studs;L Palmer busi studs, pe;R Pollan Turner art and des, photy, fren, span*;E Queen eng lang and lit, geog, sociol, rel studs,;S Richardson hist, busi studs, gen studs; C Sanchez fren, span*, sociol;T Sercombe hist, pe, gen studs;K Simpson gov and polits, hist, rel studs, gen studs;W Simpson busi studs, geog, pe, gen studs;M Smith art and des, gen studs;C Sumsard art and des, photy;I Syms hist**, psychol, rel studs, gen studs;H Tetlow eng lang and lit,hist, photy, gen studs;T Thorn chem, maths, phys, gen studs*;G Ullyott chem, maths; A Walker chem*, maths**, phys, gen studs; H Warburton chem, maths*, phys, gen studs;M Ward gen studs;M Watson biol**, chem*, phys*, gen studs**;E Wharrick busi studs, hist*, social*, gen studs; D Wildon hist, gen studs;J Wing hist, gov and polits, social, gen studs;T Wing eng lang and lit, gov and polits, psychol, gen studs;G Wood sociol;M Woollons biol, chem, maths; C Young gov and polits, hist*, rel studs, gen studs*;

Lady Lumley’s School, Pickering

M Abbott (3+2AS), J Appleby (3+1AS), A Baker (3+2AS), M Bedford (2+2AS), J Bell (3+1AS), L Boak (3+2AS), K Bowes (3+2AS), G Brooke-Hudson (4+1AS), D Burton (3+2AS), P Butler (3), S Carter (2+2AS), I Coates (1+1AS), R Collier (3), S Cook (3+2AS), J Coundon (3+2AS), R Cousins (3+2AS), H Dale (4+1AS), J Davies (1+1AS), W Davies (3+2AS), C Davis (3+2AS), J Dawson (3+1AS), K Dickinson (3+2AS), L Dixon (2+3AS), S Duffy (3+2AS), J Eddon (3+1AS), T Eves (3+1AS), G Fandaoutsaki (2), O Fearn (3+2AS), F Feather (3+1AS), C Ford (3+2AS), M Gibson (3), H Grant (3+2AS), R Grewer (3+2AS), E Griffin (3+2AS), R Hainsworth (3+2AS), W Harland (3+2AS), D Harper (2AS), J Hutchinson (3+2AS), K Hutchinson (3+2AS), L Hutchinson (3+2AS), M Knowles (3+1AS), D Lack (3+2AS), G Lancaster (3), T Link (3+1AS), A Long (3), J Lord (3+2AS), O Major (2+1AS), R Makinson (3+1AS), R Milner (3+1AS), A Mitchell (3), E Moloney (3+1AS), S O’Brien (3+2AS), G O’Connor (3+3AS), D Peace (3+1AS), V Peirson (3+2AS), T Ratcliffe (1+2AS), J Read (3+2AS), H Richardson (3+1AS), K Richmond (3+1AS), R Riley (3), B Rose (3+2AS), L Rose (2+1AS), A Salt (1+4AS), E Sellars (3+2AS), J Simpson (4), G Skelton (2+2AS), E Symes-Turnbull (4+1AS), C Tarry (3+2AS), W Taylor (2+2AS), L Thwaites (1+2AS), M Tiffany (3), R Todd (3+1AS), I Turnbull (3+3AS), J Ward (3+1AS), L Warwick (3+2AS), S Watkinson (3), N Weldon – Bee (2+1AS), J Whitmore (3+2AS), S Wilbor (3), W Wrench (3+2AS)

Norton College - year 13

B Armstrong (5), S Atkinson (5), R Bailey (4), A Barratt (4), C Barratt (3), J Barrett (4), L Bates (4) , L Batty (4) , R Bell (3) , E Boxall (4), E Boyes (4), J Brady (4), M Brigham (3), F Burrows (3), E Charters (4), D Cheng (4), L Clifford (4), K Clive (3), K Cook (3), X Cordingley (3), A Corner (2), P Cotton (3), S Cragg (3), N Daffern (3), L Dawson (4), A Dews (4), G Fisher (4), L Hart (4), J Hawes (4), A Hubery (4), C Johnson (5), W Jones (4), J Kirk (4), T Koeppen (2), S Magowan (3), G Milner (4), R Milner (4), S Mort (5), A Peel (4), E Piercy (6), E Risi (3), W Rose (2), J Sawdon (4), H Scull (3), J Simpson (3), M Simpson (4), H Smith (4), K Stellings (5), B Swaine (3), B Tenge (4), J Towse (3), J Vasconcelos (4), D Walker (4), E Walker (3), J Ward (3), L Watts (3), J Wood (3), P Young (4),

Year 12 - R Bailey (1), P Bowes (2), J Boyd (1), N Chapman (2), B Coatsworth (2), S Craggs (2), E Cullis (2), E Cunnison (1), C Davies (2), A Drabble (1), D Ella (1), E Firth (3), K Gill (2), C Gray (2), B Gregory (1),

S Harper (2), J Ireland (2), L Jack (1), A Jeffery (1), T Koppen (1), N Lock (1), B Mooring (2), O Parkinson (3), O Rimmer (1), R Scholefield (2), S Secker (1), J Sellers (1), K Shepherd (3), E Stubbings (2), O Teare (1), H Turner (2), A Warren (2), E Welford (3), K Windress (1), M Wojciechowska (3).