A superb adaptation of satirical play

RE The Government Inspector:

We went to see the Northern Broadsides production of A Government Inspector at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

Having read your review entitled ‘This does not live up to expectations’ I, naturally, felt rather anxious.

However, my anxiety was totally unfounded.

We saw a superb adaptation of Gogol’s satire on small town corruption.

It was a tremendous performance with an excellent standard of acting and impeccable musicianship from the whole cast, which in our experience always characterises the productions of Northern Broadsides.

The near capacity audience obviously loved it, laughed a lot and at the end expressed their appreciation with enthusiastic applause.

As we left the theatre we heard someone saying “Well, that wasn’t a bit like in the paper”.

We are so lucky to be able to see plays performed to such a high standard here in Scarborough and I do hope people planning to go on this occasion were not deterred by your review.

If so, they missed a real treat.

Val Collier

Lancaster Way