Abundance of beauty

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Here’s a splendid, easy walk on the outskirts of Scarborough, offering scenic variety in abundance. To access the start, just take any of the following buses which are routed along Scalby 
Road: 10, 13, 14, 15, 6, 36, 93 and X93. Dismount at Manor 
Road roundabout near Whin Bank.

Start: From the bus stop go briefly left towards Whin Bank and cross with care into Manor Road. About 70 paces ahead swing left to remain on Manor Road. Passing Manor Road Stores to your right, take the footpath that veers left away from the road with fresh green verge on one hand, and hedging to your left. This leads to a children’s recreation area.

Here turn right along the route of the old railtrack and pass beneath Woodland Ravine’s road-bridge. Seek immediately on the ground, floor-pavers indicating, ‘you are here’, near a seat. You’ll observe, in a deep hollow of Manor Road Cemetery, a secret garden! We knew the old forgotten garden, which was such an eerie, atmospheric area. Hidden away for years, it now blooms again. Restoration work has been carried out by Scarborough Council and the Friends of Dean Road and Manor Road Cemetery, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund providing £50,000 for this project. New rustic fencing guides you along a Yorkshire stone pathway to a pond, ferns and flowers, and new handrails and steps make it an easy place to explore . What a transformation!

Investigations over, return to the path you left at the top. Continue alongside the cemetery’s perimeter screened by trees, to the farthest end, to meet wooden fencing and a playing field beyond, with allotments to the left. Enter the playing field and head directly north with the outskirts of Northstead, and later Northstead School to the east.

Your green belt is ever-changing as it veers north-west between Green Lane and Cross Lane; runs parallel with Coldyhill Lane and reaches Newby Farm Road (do check with local walkers when you reach this point near Pornic Avenue).

Here, make a brief detour to view the Millennium Stone. Turn right off the railtrack into Pornic Avenue and go immediately right up the fenced footpath. Follow the tarmac path with grass and trees either side to reach a post. Stop. Take the path bearing left down a grassed area to find the Millennium Stone in the corner of hedging near a beech tree.

Retracing your footsteps into Pornic Avenue, you should now cross the railtrack and proceed along Newby Farm Road, with lovely private properties and broad, grassed verges towards the far end.

Meeting Scalby Road, bear right and you’ll immediately discover a most welcoming sight - a cafe. Mad Hatties Tea Room and Gift Shop is delightful, and you can be sure of a treat in store. It will ensure high spirits for your return walk, and renewed energy.

Leaving the tea room, turn briefly right to the road crossing. Over the road and just to your right again is The Rosette. Just turn left here along Hackness Road, and at the road junction, continue 
up Redscar Lane, with allotments to the right. It’s all uphill, but without steep inclines there’d be no stunning views.

Nearing the brow of the hill, permit time to relax and soak in the beautiful scenery, and Raincliffe Woods to your left which present a pageantry of colour as autumn progresses.

A gentle descent to a triangular ‘island’ of trees, and turning left, glorious vistas unfold over the glinting waters of Throxenby Mere (if you seek a public footpath off right, duck boarding leads behind the mere and you avoid the traffic).

Otherwise, keep close to the right hand verge of Lady Edith’s Drive.

Fast traffic can prove a danger, especially on the bends so take care! Follow Lady Edith’s drive to just past Raincliffe School, and turn left along the much quieter Lady Edith’s Avenue, to meet Scalby Road. The A171 Scalby Road is another busy section so cross with care and turn right to discover the Old Scalby Road. This is a far more peaceful alternative, and leads to Woodland Ravine near a green ‘island’ of trees.

Turn left along Woodland Ravine’s footpath, or take the pleasanter walk below the right embankment - a lovely stroll alongside the beck or on the main tree-lined path with lawns, shrubs and flowers to cheer the way.

Reaching the children’s recreation area, regain your outward-going route along Manor Road. Remain on Manor Road as it swings right away from Wykeham Street to meet Scalby Road and the bus route.

Distance: 5.5 miles.

Refreshment: The Mad Hatties Tea Room (almost opposite the public library) and The Rosette (Hackness Road).