‘Abuse victims’ kept photos

RE the letter and ‘Cunard man stands by Sir Jim against flawed allegations’:

Can I say I find it difficult to believe that a former detective who for however long had been on the police force and the founder of Childline Esther Rantzen (which has been in existence for decades) had ‘no knowledge’ up to the recent programme being made and aired conveniently after the death of Jimmy Savile,.

What I cannot get my head round is ‘these victims of abuse’ who are now in their forties and fifties have kept photographs for decades of themselves with Jimmy Savile, no abused victim would ever act in this way, this to me is fiction not fact.

It was interesting to see the actor Robert Powell say on the television programme ‘The Wright Stuff’ that only girls aged 16 and over were ever allowed on the set of Top of the Pops (his wife Dee was a member of Pans People).

Jennifer Butcher

Paddock Way