Accolade for youth justice volunteers

VOLUNTEERS who work for the Youth Justice Service in the Scarborough area are being awarded for their long service and outstanding contributions next month.

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday June 6 during national volunteering week and will honour those adults who give of their time for free to provide essential support to young people in the Youth Justice system.

Volunteers, who come from a variety of social backgrounds, ages and life experiences, cover a number of crucial roles.

These include ‘Appropriate Adults’ when young people are interviewed at police stations – ‘Reparation Supervisors’ who oversee unpaid work by young people for the benefit of victims or the community and ‘Community Panel Members’ who oversee and monitor young people’s compliance with referral orders made by the magistrates’ court.

Across the county there are currently 58 youth justice service volunteers, with 13 based in Scarborough.

County councillor Arthur Barker, North Yorkshire’s executive member for schools, said: “This event presents the chance to highlight the hard work, dedication and public spirit of not just those receiving awards, but all the Scarborough-based volunteer team and their volunteer colleagues across the county.”