Accurate time of bin collection is needed

Regarding the new bin collections beginning from 6am and there is already the somewhat expected disagreement over this scheme before it has had time to be tested. I too have reservations about bins being left out overnight and I fear the obvious potential problem of the wind rising in the night and leaving bins plus their contents strewn along our streets. If this should happen have they considered the cost of cleaning up and of course who would do it? I think it would become counter productive. There is also the possibility of food waste becoming a health hazard if this should occur.

There is also an advantage to the scheme whereby some people will have their waste collected before they go to work and the bin will be back in place beforehand. However, I ask the council to review the schedule and consider giving a more accurate time of when people can expect their bins to be emptied. Let’s face it at the moment it is all set up for everyone to expect collection at 6am and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to stagger estimated collection times, eg zone “A” between say 6am and 10am, zone “B” between 10am and 2pm etc. thus giving everyone a four hour window or even if they just said morning, afternoon or evening it would be considerably more acceptable and would alleviate potential problems and grievances directed at themselves.

Jim Goodman

Howes Road