Acrylic painting style in spotlight

THE ARTIST Nina Pickup gave a demonstration of acrylic painting to an appreciative audience of Scarborough Art Society at their monthly meeting on April 6. Nina took inspiration from her Mother’s Day present of a basket of fruit, and painted apples, oranges, grapes and a pineapple. She was demonstrating a particular brand of acrylic paints, Atelier Interactive.

They can be used in the same way as ordinary fast drying acrylics, but they can be re-activated by adding water. Nina painted on a board primed with one coat of white acrylic. She blocked in the fruit, then wet the paint to blend in the final details.

Nina lives in Scarborough and her studio and gallery are located in Scarborough Market Vaults. She is well known for her vibrant paintings of birds, flowers and local views.

Next month the art society will be having a demonstration of water-colour painting from artist Don Micklethwaite, who will be tackling a landscape. The meeting will be on Wednesday May 4 at 7.15pm at the Methodist Hall in Queen Street, Scarborough. Admission is free for members, with a charge of £3.00 for non-members and £2.00 for students.