African tour for village’s vicar

Laura McWilliams, Vicar of Seamer
Laura McWilliams, Vicar of Seamer

A SCARBOROUGH vicar is to spend the next two weeks on mission in Africa.

The Rev Laura McWilliams, vicar of Seamer, will be a member of a mission experiencing what it is like for some poverty-stricken people who live in Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa.

The Rev McWilliams, pictured, is one of six women church leaders from the Christian New Wine network who, along with a member of Tearfund staff, will be helping to enable self-help groups. The project is church based and involves working mainly with women from the poorest families in urban areas, who are often unable to provide for their children.

Tearfund is a UK Christian relief and development agency which works in over 50 countries alongside local projects equipping and enabling people to change their future.

“The great thing about Tearfund,” says the Rev McWilliams, “is that the money really does go to the people. Its overheads are very low, and you can be sure that its funds are giving the sort of help the people need to transform their community.”

The group will be in Ethiopia for nearly two weeks. “It will be a challenging experience,“ said the Rev McWilliams. “While we are out there we will be teaching and meeting people who are part of these projects.

“My personal aim is to link in with something that will make a real difference - a difference not only to the project there but to how we who have so much view our lives when faced with great poverty and need.”

During the visit the party will spend time in Zebib, Nazret, Debre Zeit, and the capital Addis Ababa.

The Rev McWilliams says that when she returns she will be happy to visit local churches and organisations to talk about her experiences.