On air: girls, 11, join team at Radio Scarborough

Eleven-year-olds Katie Robinson and Grace Mellor, both pupils at St Augustine's School, are the latest additions to the Radio Scarborough team - and hope to contribute regularly to the schedule.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 9:00 am
Katie Robinson and Grace Mellor, both 11 and pupils at St Augustine's School, on air with Radio Scarborough.

They have already started by putting together a pre-recorded programme of some of their favourite Disney Music and hope to make future music and feature programmes targeted at their age group in the hope that they can encourage more young talent onto the air waves.

Being totally new to radio production, Katie and Grace have had to think about and learn a whole host of new skills which they hope to build upon.

These include planning a programme and selecting suitable material and timing it; thinking about and writing suitable links to both entertain and inform us; vocal delivery and performance with personality in a double headed presentation; editing and mixing in digital editing software, - to name just a few of the ideas/skills they have been introduced to.

They have been both inspired and shocked by how much work goes into making radio.

The pair have made a tremendous start to their new broadcasting careers and both demonstrate considerable potential.