Alarm grows over abuse of charity bags

THE British Heart Foundation has revealed that as little as one third of items donated to charity via letterbox charity bags stand a chance of ending up in charity shops.

The charity, which has two shops in Scarborough, in Newborough and Aberdeen Walk, has published new research showing that over 70 per cent of charity bags an average householder receives are from commercial companies, working with charities for financial gain by selling the donated items overseas.

Worryingly, almost three-quarters of people in the region aren’t aware these commercial companies exist and think 100 per cent of the profits made from their charity bag donations go to the charity involved.

British Heart Foundation retail director, Mike Lucas, says: “It is vital commercial companies act responsibly and be transparent on their charity bags – particularly around how much profit the named charity will actually make from a collection. “Householders in North Yorkshire have the right to know what happens to their donations and currently this information is not clear.”

He is asking people to help their chosen charity by taking goods directly the local branch, or calling to arrange collection.

British Heart Foundation in Scarborough offers a free collection service, Call (01723) 503901 for details.