Alcohol policy debate

A PROPOSED alcohol harm reduction strategy has been endorsed by members of Scarborough Council’s Cabinet.

It has been developed by the North Yorkshire Coast Community Partnership with significant input from a range of key partner organisations.

Speaking at this week’s Cabinet meeting Jo Ireland, the council’s community partnerships manager, said that alcohol was a key issue for the borough. She added: “The level of media interest it is generating is testament to that.”

She said that it was not just a local issue. “There is a considerable amount of work to be done.”

Cllr David Jeffels said that the report members were considering was “very worrying”. He added: “But I think the proposals before us today are very positive.”

He said that raising awareness in schools was important particularly at a primary school level. “If we don’t do something about it it is going to stack up problems.”

The strategy, which will last until 2015, will be further debated by the full council before it is given final council approval.

It is the second strategy for the borough and members were told that good progress had been made in some areas – in particular the development of services for young people such as Street Safe and Aftermath.

The employment of an A&E worker had been identified as a key priority in the first strategy and it was considered as a significant development.

Partnership arrangements were stronger and more effective and there was commitment from a range of partners to work together to address the issue.

Cabinet members recommended that the council adopted the strategy in order to tackle the highlighted issues.