Aloha, South Cliff, Bridlington: Great food, but don’t try to have a conversation!

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Having gazed inside Aloha many times before I eventually dined there last Saturday, I was always impressed with how full the Hawaiian – themed restaurant appeared to be, and how much diners seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Based on the assumption that Aloha must be a lively establishment with good food I was dying to try (who’s ever had Hawaiian food before?). I decided to take my not-so-adventurous parents along for their first taste of Bridlington.

We arrived to a very warm welcome at 8pm on a rainy Saturday night, and were pleased to see Aloha was as busy as it always was.

The food which staff were ferrying around to wide-eyed diners looked top-notch – massive portions, excellent presentation and an incredible variety. I ordered a Moscow Mule from the cocktail menu, and eagerly awaited my first course.

My brother and I began with a prawn starter, accompanied with a small salad, cheesy dip and dressing.

It was nothing short of delicious, and the portion size was perfect for the price paid.

For my main I ordered a spicy beef chimichanga – essentially a deep-fried burrito.

It was a Mexican dish rather than a Hawaiian one, but then one of Aloha’s strengths is that it is not strictly a Hawaiian food establishment by any means.

Its menu offers a spectrum of dishes ranging from Mexican and South American ones, to the not-so-well known, but just as enticing Hawaiian ones.

My chimichanga was perfect, and although we waited perhaps 10 minutes longer than we should have, I quickly forgot and stuck in.

It was filled to bursting point with moist, fiery beef, all encased within a crispy fried wrap, and came accompanied with a coleslaw.

The re fried beans made a great and appropriate addition to my meal, although I did struggle to finish everything on my plate (but that certainly is not a negative in my eyes!)

I had one gripe, and one gripe only – the music – you will leave Aloha with a sore throat if you attempt regular conversation with co-diners.

At times Aloha’s choice of dining tunes (which largely consisted of top 40 dance anthems better suited for clubs), became somewhat deafening.

Nobody seemed bothered, everyone was having a good time.

But for older people who may hold more traditional expectations of a pleasant dining experience, the fact you need to shout your order to the friendly waitress may be off-putting.

Looking around, it became apparent what sort of clientele Aloha best caters for – younger people – the atmosphere would appropriately complement a birthday party or other group celebration.

It’s important to note that the music is not necessarily a drawback, but for some diners who consider pleasant conversation a must for eating out, you may find yourself becoming a little flustered.

That said I would recommend Aloha to anyone. Their range of cocktails and fun atmosphere make it a great place to wash away a busy week of work. I know I will return, maybe not with my 60-odd-year-old parents, but with a consortium of mates who I want to show what Bridlington has to offer.

Ratings out of ten: Food 8; menu choice 8; service 8; decor 8; ambience 7; overall 8.