Andy Kershaw at literature festival

Andy Kershaw will talk about his life and autobiography
Andy Kershaw will talk about his life and autobiography

ANDY KERSHAW is headlining Scarborough’s annual literature festival, at the library from April 12-15.

The veteran DJ, journalist, traveller and world-music evangelist will be talking about his life and his autobiography, No Off Switch.

Toby Litt, writing in the New Statesman, wrote: “It’s his ability to convey a sense of moment-by-moment aliveness that makes Andy Kershaw, the greatest living English-language broadcaster”.

Kershaw was one of the highlights of November’s Musicport festival in Bridlington.

His performance consisted of a torrent of anecdotes from his eventful life.

He proved almost unstoppable for fellow author Ian Clayton, who interviewed the journalist, broadcaster and DJ on stage before an audience of several hundred.

Sporting hiking boots, Levis, a checked shirt and deep wrinkles, Kershaw revealed that his three favourite gigs were by Bob Marley in 1975, the Clash in 1980 and Bruce Springsteen in 1980.

Fans bought every copy of his book that was available – 100 at £10 – and Kershaw signed each one, rattling off more stories and memories with buyers.

The book enjoyed rave reviews. Michael Palin said: “Andy Kershaw is such an enthusiast. He made me travel a little further than I normally do. He has an ability to do things first and ask questions afterwards. Not a recipe for a safe, secure life, maybe, but it makes things a lot more interesting for the rest of us!”

Francis Wheen wrote: “ Andy Kershaw’s memoir zooms along with the high-velocity recklessness of a TT racer. It’s impossible not to cheer him on as he accelerates round the hairpin bends of his life, yelling hilarious defiance at anyone who tries to stop him.”

Ann Leslie called him “passionate and furiously funny - Andy Kershaw is unfailingly fearless.”

Full details of the literature festival will be announced shortly.