Anger over doctor decision

Naif El-Barghouti
Naif El-Barghouti

A Scarborough woman says she is “scared for other people” as a banned surgeon is due to get his licence back on Saturday.

Lisa Pickup has been campaigning for Nayef El-Barghouty to be struck off for good following the death of her dad Trevor Pickup in 2006 after a routine operation.

She said: “I know he won’t come back to Scarborough Hospital, but he could get a job anywhere in the NHS.

“I want to people to be aware of him on a national scale.”

The Pickup family, whose case has been under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC), started a petition against the doctor earlier this year.

Nayef El-Barghouty, who had worked at Scarborough Hospital since February 1998, was suspended from practising for a year after a series of botched operations.

The surgeon lied on oath during an inquest into the death of a patient, admitting giving “false and utterly misleading” evidence about Wilfred Taylor, who bled to death in a Scarborough Hospital operating theatre in January 2009.

Mr Taylor, 84, had been due to have surgery on an aneurysm in his left leg, but Mr El-Barghouty operated at the wrong site, mistakenly tying off an artery. He was forced to carry out another corrective procedure which led to severe bleeding.

The surgeon also botched thyroid surgery on Jo Roche, of Bridlington, who was left breathing through a tube following an operation a year earlier.

Mrs Roche had her vocal chords severely damaged in the procedure, which took just 90 minutes rather than the recommended two to three hours, and she had to undergo corrective surgery.

The mum of two, who had to have a tracheostomy so she could breathe, has been left barely able to speak.

Following hearings by The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, the decision was made to allow the surgeon to practise again from December 29 - but with 21 stringent conditions attached to his licence. These include strict supervision and reporting requirements.